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Bed Caps: Explanation, Main Functions

Bed Rail Caps are usually found in small trucks and pickups. They are usually made from rubber and vinyl, but are also found in aluminum and steel varieties. Bed caps for trucks are very important as they allow the truck to withstand increasing amounts of pressure, and give it a nice polished look.

Bed rail caps can be found on numerous online stores and real-life outlets, and are usually custom fit or store-bought. Nonetheless, a good bed rail cap must always fit your vehicle.

5 Most Popular Manufacturer

Finding bed caps can be hard, especially when you want to assure of the quality and performance. Which is why below we have listed down the top five manufacturers of bed rail caps.

  • Dee Zee has been known to be theone of the best car and truck accessories manufacturer, and will fit your truck just fine. They have extremely lustrous bed caps which are mostly made of aluminum, and are perfect for your truck.
  • Stampede Bed Rails have also entered the market, and they're just as good as anything we've seen. They manufacture perhaps the best and most sophisticated bed rail caps for automotives and small trucks, and their quality is excellent.
  • Willmore has been known to make the most elegant and cleanly-cut aluminum bed rail caps, and it’s no wonder why. They provide hundreds of different options to choose from.
  • Pacer also manufactures bed rail caps, and continues to be the best ion the field. They make caps and covers for trucks and trolleys.
  • Other than that, Bushwacker rail caps make it to our list as well.

The Most Used Material for Bed Caps:

Bed rail caps are mostly made of vinyl or rubber, but newer and more modern ones are even made from aluminum, and look bedazzling when combined with a glorious truck.