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Truck Bed Accessories: Explanation, Main Functions

Truck racks can be referred to as the perfect truck bed accessories that give you additional room to pack ladders, lumber and more. 

5 Most Popular Manufacturers:

  1. TruXedo

    Since the launch of Original TruXedo back in 2000, the TruXedo, Inc has brought the business with the newest truck bed cover ideas that emphasize functionality, durability, quality, and style.

  2. Dee Zee

    This manufacturing company is trusted to assist the biggest brands in the automobile industry since their OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) on many different products.

  3. RuffSack

    RuffSack protects and the cargo without filling truck bed permanently. The RuffSack encloses the cargo completely, giving you considerably better protection compared to any tarp with no hassle.

  4. BDTrims

    BDTrims is the company that serves the clients all over the world helping them to layout the exterior and interior of their particular car depending on preference. For more than 15 years, this company has been making the best dashboard kits intended for over 3000 models.

  5. BedRug

    BedRug is one of the finest producers of similar items in the market. Regardless of plush appearance, BedRug is 100% polypropylene, which makes it rugged sufficient endure any penalties you put it through.

Types of Truck Bed Accessories

  • Bed Mats & Liners:

    They protect the car from mechanical damage.

  • Cargo Mats & Liners:

    Cargo Mats are created to safeguard the ground of cargo space in the vehicle and support slippage of the cargo.

  • Truck Bed Rails:

    They safeguard paint, add style to the rig, and provide more tie-down factors for the cargo.

  • Headache Racks:

    Headache racks, additionally known as the custom truck cab racks, safeguard the back window of the truck from moving cargo by completely framing and covering the glass.

  • Bed Caps:

    Bed caps give a strong bedside safety while the bed rails ensure the best style. Also, they extra tie-down areas.