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Leather Seat Covers: Explanation and Functions

In terms of seat covers designed for your car, you can't beat genuine leather neither for appearance nor for the safety of the automotive seats. Believe it or not, you can get leather seat covers for almost any sort of seats, for example, truck seats, back passenger seats, bucket seats, and bench seats as well.

On the subject of buying your leather-based seat covers, make sure you purchase high-quality product. Everyone deciding to buy such seat covers will get them paid off over the long haul. You can also get colored headrests and armrests for your car or SUV.

Types Of Material Used for Upholstery:

Being a luxurious item, the leather has better ranking compared to fabric when it comes to durability. It is more beneficial than the fabric at the same time. You will get two types of leather for upholstery such as genuine and simulated leather seat covers. Leather materials will not fade whenever exposed to the UV light. Speaking of comfort, the leather seat covers have the most advantages; however, similar leatherette items provide better selection in design and color. You can also check out synthetic covers for your vehicle, but the ones made of leather are breathable, UV-resistant, and much  simpler to clean at the same time.

5 Most Popular Manufacturers:


    Saddlesindia is the top manufacturer of premium quality and exclusive fabric, vinyl and leather seat covers. Saddlesindia offers replacement guarantee as well.


    Newtonleather is the most recognized auto leather seat cover and upholstery installer, distributor, and manufacturer out there in the marketplace. Newtonleather is well known for providing economical and affordable custom fit accessories for your car.


    ImpressiveCarseatCovers is the reputed and most durable car seat cover manufacturer in Delhi. Top quality is their strength. It stands in the marketplace due to the ability to provide best and highest-quality products.


    Jackspeed manufactures state-of-the-art leather seat covers for a minimum price.


    Penseeleathers is the brand coming with a huge collection of seat covers, which made buyers quite happy, especially with their best-treated product lines.