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The custom seat cover is needed for three main reasons.

  1. It performs a protective function, keep the inner automobile upholstery;
  2. It is possible to replace the tone of "native" seats with a more original or practical one.
  3. Such accessories may help you to update and refresh the car interior.

Today motorists can pick up the car covers for all types of seats for different brands of trucks and cars. And if you want to have cases with a personalized design or style, then it is quite possible to sew them to order in the auto company. Sometimes it even goes cheaper than buying branded. If the covers are the exact fit, they will ideally fit all the seats of the car and will not fidget during the movement, creating inconvenience to the passenger.

Most Popular After market Seat Cover Producers

You can find such popular manufacturers as Aries, Auto Metal Direct, Bestop, Bostrom Seating, Braum, CalTrend, Camco, Canine Covers, Cipher Auto, Cobra Seats, Coleman, Covercraft, Coverking, and Crown.

Materials from Which Seat Covers Are Made

More often, you may find seat covers for your vehicle of such materials as leather, cloth, camo, sheepskin, and towel. There are motorists who prefer leather to all materials. It's prestigious, stylish, and luxury but it's too hot in summer, and it's cold in winter. A compromise, but a useful solution is cloaks on the seats.
There is a tendency of growing number of drivers who prefer cases made of premium natural materials (cotton, linen, wool). It is believed that such a fabric creates an environmentally friendly microclimate in the car's interior. To put it mildly, it's not entirely accurate. Judge for yourself - most interior decoration materials are wholly synthetic. The automotive covers of natural materials, in contrast to all the others, provide free air circulation when the driver comes into contact with the seat, absorb moisture and are satisfying to the touch.
Whichever material you choose, it's best to purchase removable auto seat covers, since the spots and scratches spoil the upholstery of the seat. The choice of removable customized seat covers is very good and diverse. They can be fastened using Velcro, hooks, braid, and so on.

How to Set up the Seat Covers on Your Own

Let’s start the setting up of covering for the front seats.

  • Its is better to take away the car seats - so stretching will be as tight as possible and without folds.
  • If the there is a special procedure of putting on seat covers, then first put the cover on the pad of the seat.

Follow these steps:

  1. You have to throw a cover on the seat;
  2. Appropriate the tab between the pillow and the back;
  3. Spread the material around the perimeter.
  4. Preliminarily fix with the help of long thin rubber harnesses - we put them under the seat, we extend and connect them with each other.
  5. Finally, fix the lower part of the cover with the help of locating elastics with hooks from the bottom of the seat.

What about the setting up of auto covers in the back row?
Now you need to install the covering on the rear row of the car. The procedure of putting them on there is exactly the same as with the first row:

  1. You have to dispose of the seat belts if they are available. They are located on the back of the seat, and then you need to fold the backrest.
  2. The covering consists of two halves and is positioned so that its zip coincides with the lines of the rear opening.
  3. After putting on a zip fastener and two separate halves of the covering they are fastened into one single unit.
  4. The rear seat covers can be fixed with the help of hooks and rubber harnesses.
  5. On the headrests, the coverings are put on top and fixed with rubber harnesses.