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Custom Fog Lights: Explanation, Main Functions


It is challenging to beat the advantages that an excellent set of driving lights or custom fog lights can include to the vehicle.The lighting improvements combined with the looks of the customized driving lights return all the money that you’ll pay for installing them on your truck, SUV or car.

Most often, such illumination pieces disperse the yellow light, hence such lamps are colored correspondingly. They stand under a certain angle, which is wide and close to ground. Lights angled like this will nevertheless let you view the road much better in extreme weather, yet aren't as fine at distant illumination as the driving lights tend to be.

Types Of Custom Fog Lights

There are 4 types of custom fog lights available. Custom HID fog lights will boost the look, performance, and handling of the ride smoothly.

Custom LED fog lights are brighter than the others out there. Custom XENON fog lights generate a bright-white light which mimics the natural sunlight closely. Custom HALOGEN fog lights are the earliest type of lighting, but probably the most extensively available and least expensive to get.

5 Most Popular Manufacturers


    MyHotMustang sells a great deal of Custom Fog Lamps and parts!


    Myhellalrights offer custom fit LED, Xenon, Halogen and HID fog bulbs at a large number. All those lights are quite handy to use as a useful automotive accessory.


    Spyderauto provides a complete variety of choice for Custom Fog light, Truck Fog Light, Car Fog Light, Fog Light Kit, Car Fog Lights and lighting accessories.


    Ipflight is the producer from the groundwork and growth level to the revenue of lighting systems and after-purchase servicing.

  • OPT-7:

    OPT7 is the top leader in the best car lighting and design. Get lighting kits and lens particularly for cars, motorcycles, off-road cars and more.