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Fog Lights: Explanation, Main Functions

When people live in a colder environment or in the place where rain and fog are persistent, then it becomes a necessity to always have the windscreen wipers up to date and to keep the fog lamps at the ready at all times. Fog lights for car or fog lamps are basically just brighter lamps used in the vehicle such as truck to aid the driver in their vision. They are entirely different from headlights as their construction is quite different; they don`t emit a ray of light in a scattered direction, rather they emit the beam of light in a flat manner making visibility easier for the user in hard-to-see conditions such as fog.

5 Most Popular Manufacturers

SEALIGHT is an oldest and more reliable option when it comes to fog lamps. Due to its strong build up and a better quality of lights, SEALIGHT have been the first on the market for quite some time now. However, Ford has also proven itself to be a sturdy and reliable option when it comes to fog lamps as their lamps are bright and provide a better view for an auto as compared to others. However, if you want to prioritize style over everything else, then go for STANLEY. Other choices may include Winjet or Anker Bolder who both been providing high-grade material for the users and have provided some of the best fog lights for cars.

The Most Popular Materials for Fog Lights

PC is one of the commonly used materials for the production of lights. Other materials used include PP, PMMA, PBT, and ABM. Custom fog lights must be used when there is low or reduced visibility on the road and there are chances of an accident or a hazard being caused on the highway. It is a useful tool which should only be used in fog conditions only. This is usually occurs when the visibility drops below a 100 meters, which is roughly 328 feet. It is a safety precaution to turn on fog lamps when in fog; otherwise, you endanger not only yourself, but also to others around you.