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Signal Lights: Explanation, Main Functions

The signal lights for car have many names such as ‘turn signals’, ‘flashers’, ‘blinkers’ or even ‘indicators’. They are a very important part of the vehicle and are imperative for safe driving. Their purpose is plain and simple; they are used to indicate when the driver wants to turn in a particular direction so as to warn the cars behind or in front. Thanks to the signal lights, the other drivers can prepare themselves for the change in movement on the road. It is a blinking light, hence called a ‘blinker’, and it is responsible for the safety of the auto, the driver, and the passengers. They are usually located on the right and left sides of the car, on the front and on the rear.

5 Most Popular Manufacturers

Bigfish is a huge name when it comes to manufacturing lights such as turn signals and headlights and even rear lights. Yibid is also a well-known manufacturer of custom and affordable lighting for vehicles such as car and truck. Anzio is known for its high-quality lighting and affordable prices. OSAN is an older name when it comes to the production of premium lights and has always provided the best kind of material it is available. OPAR is a relatively newer brand and has started to come into the limelight due to their superior customer services.

The Most Popular Materials for Signal Lights

"Allen gap" is the term that defines the material used for the manufacturing of signal lights. “InGaN” is also used by many manufacturers to ensure the long wavelength and visibility. Turn signals are best suited for the road situation when the driver wants to turn in a particular direction, either right or left. This warns oncoming vehicles with the intention to turn. Other drivers can quickly react to it and adjust their vehicles accordingly.