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Rear Parking Lights: Explanation, Main Functions

At present, many cars have only front parking lights, but some kits presume an extra set of the rear parking lights. The car owners should install such lamps onto the tail of their vehicle. Just like the identical frontal lamps, these accessories play similar role - improve the visibility of truck when approached from the side. The original objective of the parking lights is no longer necessary, so such automotive lights are now used for extra illumination. In addition, they show people that the transport in front of them is four-wheeled even if one bulb is broken.

Major Characteristics

There no differences between front and back parking lights whatsoever. If these illuminating and signal devices are likewise installed in the back, they usually have all characteristics of their twin counterparts from the front. These car parts can be yellow, amber, brown, gold-ish, or clear-white, or red. Given that the rear parking lights are not necessary, drivers are not very interested in this detail. However, such car parts also can be custom fit to match the design of many different car models and the car enthusiasts can still make their auto look special. 

5 Most Popular Manufacturers for Rear Parking Lights

The main difference between the lamps produced by different brands is the color. When the company is working for the US market, their bulbs are brown, amber, etc. The list of top US companies features AnzoUSA, Alla Lighting, TYS, Depo. At the same time, the European brands produce white parking lights. A popular brand in Europe is SPPC.