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Front Parking Lights:Explanation, Main Functions

Driving can sometimes be extremely dangerous. The safety on the road is a must, and all the cars are legally required to have many different signal lights installed. The first and foremost function of the front parking lights is to make the auto or truck seeable and thus diminish the possibility of the vehicles bumping into one another.  According to the initial conception, the drivers were supposed to use parking lights as the side markers. They had to leave the parking lights on whenever their car was parked on the side of a lane. It had a practical function - to make the vehicle seen by the approaching drivers and hence avert the accidents. These days, roads typically have a very good visibility, and the parking lights are not that important anymore.

Major Characteristics

Very often, the front parking lights come together with the front headlights. It depends upon the kit whether these automotive accessories set independently or installed together with the other signal lamps. These car parts can be custom fit for the specific car model. They can also be colored differently; the tone varies depending on the country and type of bulbs. Namely, in the US, the parking lights are normally brown-ish, while in Europe they have bright white lens. Such lights for car are mostly LED, but many models are xenon.

5 Most Popular Manufacturers for Front Parking Lights

The frequent choice of many American car owners is Partsam; this brand is not compatible with some European systems though. The other fine US producers are TYS, AnzoUSA, and Depo. Popular option for Europe is SPPC since it fits to the requirements of local vehicles.