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Sheepskin Seat Covers: Explanation, Main Functions

Sheepskin seat covers are excellent for automobile protection. Actually, they keep you comfortable all seasons around. Not to mention, they make it happen due to the distinctive way that this material can breathe, which resembles a living thing. Namely, the grass lush feels so good underneath your feet because the blades of grass work together to maintain airflow in between them.

It is quite comparable to the approach sheepskin functions to make your stay comfortable. Strands of fleece coat all come together to maintain airflow in between them. The thickness of wool helps to keep it from having flattened out; thus, such covers are breathable.

The Advantages of Using Fur for Upholstery

Sheepskin absorbs the sweat instantly and releases it into the air 7 times quicker than synthetics. Such upholstery is soft on the skin due to the fact that it includes lanolin, a fundamental substance much like the one discovered in the human skin. These covers are made of soft genuine wool. Such seat covers have soft insulating system that makes your trip luxurious. In addition, these items are sweat absorbent and dirt resistant.

Types of Fur Covers

There are different types of fur covers: insert, bucket, bench, split bench, low back, and high back fur covers out there. They can be colored in different shades, and you can choose the best one that would meet your requirements to a great extent. The natural properties of sheepskin keep the seat covers warm when the weather is cold and cool when it is hot outside. Also, they have quilted plush slip-less backing.

5 Most Popular Manufacturers:


    Since 1983, ShearComfort is the #1 supply for customized sheepskin seat covers for extra protection and comfort in the car with. ShearComfort offers the best custom fit accessories for your automobiles.

  • EUROW:

    Eurow is a top manufacturer of sheepskin, cotton and microfiber products for automotive and home cleaning, pet grooming, as well as equestrian markets.


    Aegiscover is one of the best manufacturers on sheepskin seat covers in the marketplace with a wide range of product lines for SUVs, cars, and trucks.


    Oxgord carries a broad range of items, for example, seat covers, floor mats, cat trees, dog cages, telescope ladders, training collars, etc.


    Saddleman is the well-known name for more than 30 years already, providing high quality and durable products.