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The Most Popular Running Boards Producers

You can find that running boards for car also may be called step bars, side steps, nerf bars and tube. However, they play the same role and you can improve your car exterior with them. There are some popular producers of such after market details as Go Rhino, Aries, CARR, Iron Cross and Body Armor.

From What Materials the Boards Are Usually Made

According to the material, the automotive boards are divided into plastic and metal. The plastic version is the cheapest, but also the most short-lived. The plastic boards almost always go in the standard equipment of cars and very quickly come into disrepair. Metal boards are much more durable and reliable. The choice of metal boards is quite diverse - the material of manufacture can include aluminum profile, stainless steel, alloys with chromium content, etc.

How to Set Up the Running Bars

  • First, you have to dismantle the car doors and side wings. This is a simple task because in most modern autos these elements are fastened with bolts, and the procedure for removing them does not take much time.
  • Then the old or damaged threshold is cut down along the welding line (for this purpose an angle grinder is used, a drill with a small diameter drill or sharp chisel). In the event that the elements are damaged by end-to-end corrosion, the overlay and the connector will need to be replaced. Note! The easiest way is to remove the boards by parts: first near the front door, then next to the rear, and at the end the middle post between the doors.
  • After dismantling the boards, remove the sharp metal notches and cut off any remaining elements. The inside of the threshold is processed using a grinder, which is capable of completely removing foci of corrosion and damaged paintwork. It is also not superfluous to be treated with a rust converter. Before performing the installation of a new part, it is necessary to drill a series of holes along the connecting line of the lining with the threshold. At this preparatory stage ends, and you can proceed to the welding of a new body element. It should be noted that all actions must be performed as accurately as possible, accurately fitting the part to the mating parts, thereby providing rigidity of the entire structure. It is better to start welding works from the top of the threshold, gradually moving to the bottom, and the part should be pressed in the course of welding. After finishing the welding work, do not forget to carefully process the seams with a grinding machine, thus leveling the entire surface.
  • After completion of all work, the surface of the boards should be well degreased. Now, you can enjoy your new accessories.