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Step Boards: Explanation, Main Functions

Step boards are the parts of the car that can make the lives of the drivers and passengers much easier. These are the horizontal pieces of metal that are fitted underneath the door of the vehicle to aid entry into the auto. They are installed for support purposes as well. The item normally fits into all kinds of automotive, from cars to trucks and even SUVs. They aid in acting as a step for the people to enter the car. They come in all shapes and sizes and are available for all kinds of vehicles. Speaking about the best models of step boards, or also called by many people the running boards, these are the retractable kinds. In other words, they do not hamper the beauty of the vehicle and instead can be used or retracted whenever needed.

Types of Step Boards

These items are available in different shapes and sizes. The most common are the rectangular-shaped and tubular kinds, which can be found on almost all of vehicles. They are the easiest to use and maintain and do not even cost as much. Other than that, flat,  oval and retractable parts are also somewhat popular in the market. There are also different models in terms of length:  wheel to wheel, cab length, and bed section.  Some other custom fit automotive accessories that cover the bed section, or the cab section entirely can add a lot of convenience to the users who will be boarding the vehicle.

Materials Used In Manufacturing

These running boards are made using various kinds of materials such as aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, polymer, etc. The most common of these is the one made from aluminum as it is light and easy to fit on the auto. The chrome type is mostly the one which is of premium quality as it has a specific glimmer to it and it adds a stylish look to the truck. They can also be colored for the same purposes.

Five Most Popular Manufacturers

Tyger and WIN are one of the most prominent producers of step boards out there on the market. Mopar, Westin, and VXMOTOR also dominate the markets with their superior quality items and prices which are extremely affordable.