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Side Steps: Explanation, Main Functions

Step bars are of essential use in vehicles such as cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans where users require a proper step to enter the auto more comfortably. The side steps are undoubtedly helpful for elderly people and even the ones who cannot walk properly or have some sort of pain in their leg, thus have difficulties boarding the truck. The function of this item is implied in its name, and it is a fact that the side bars are essential in some cases because they aid with the entry. They also serve another purpose; they are able to ward off rocks and stones when crossing a rocky road for the vehicle not to get damaged.

Types of Step Bars

The detail is normally categorised in a few step bars types such as cab length, wheel-to-wheel, bed section, round, oval, rectangular, triangular, trapezoid, and tube steps. These are usually all available in different shapes; however,  the round, bed section and rectangular bars are purchased most often since compared to the rest, these ones are always available. The others are either unavailable in the market or too expensive or useless in use.

Types of Coverage

These step bars are usually made of chrome, polymer or iron which is painted later. The chrome types are considered the finest as they look the most stylish and are the most premium out of all due to their superior looks, quality, and purpose. The items can also be polished or powdercoated; each way gives the car special custom-fit appearance.

TOP 5 Manufacturers of Nerf Bars

Silverado is the winner when it comes to production of such automotive accessories because they have a genuinely top quality, which works out really fine in combination with the low price that they set. ICI Black and Ionic are also fine for their budget and quality products. Among others, N-Fab and Havoc are also on top when it comes to producing the best kind of nerf bars.