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The Most Popular Dash Kits Manufacturers

For today, every motorist can face the problem of buying custom dash kits or rather a problem not with a purchase, but with the diversity of various manufacturers of these after-market parts. Each manufacturer states that it is the best and its product will suit you most. If you do not know the popular brands of dash kits for your cars and trucks, then you can find them here: AutoTecknic, B&I, Coverking, Dash Designs, DashMat, Designer Mat, Grand General, Remin, Sherwood.

Are There Any Styles of the Automobile Dash Kits?

Nowadays you can see different styles of many customized details. You should choose such accessories in order to fit them to the general style of your vehicle. Using new dash kit panels, you can greatly refresh your car interior. You can find stereo dash kits with single and double DIN or pockets. Moreover, you can find dash kits covers from velour, suede, and poly-carpet.

What Material Dash Kits Are Made Of

On the shelves of shops, you may often come across dash kits from materials such as wood, Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, Camouflage, Color, Molded, and Polyurethane plastic. Accordingly, the price will depend significantly on the material used. But thanks to a wide range of materials, you can choose dash kits for every taste and for any budget.

How to Set up the Dash Kits on Your Car

  • The first step: Fit the details
    You should begin with trying on your dash details on the automotive dash. First, you will get acquainted with the details, second, you will understand how they should be properly installed.
  • The second step: Pay attention to washing the dash of the auto
    This step should be taken seriously; you need to carefully prepare the surface. You need to peel all trim dash surfaces, stuffing a dash, using the overlay with the isopropyl alcohol. You can buy the isopropyl alcohol at your pharmacy. Moreover, the purification procedure must be carried out more than once, at least three times. Make sure that the dash is cleaned correctly. In order to test this, there is a good way. You just need to paste a piece of stickers or masking tape on the surface that you have cleared. If this tape is well adhered, then you can proceed with the setting up. If the tape does not stick, then you have to repeat the process of cleaning again.
  • The third step: The process of sticking
    We begin by applying an adhesive promoter only on the dash trim area (below). It is best to apply it under the edges of the parts to be installed. Note that the glue should not be too much and not too little, evenly depending on the size of the part. For example, on details with smaller bends, only a little is needed. In parts with a large number of bends, you can use a little more. The drying process should last for two minutes.

    Remember that after the adhesive promoter is opened, it begins to dry out. You should put the entire adhesive promoter on the dash. The normal use time will depend on the temperature conditions, within the normal temperature range it will be from 5 to 10 minutes.

    In order to apply a promoter for bonding, you can lightly outline a place for an adhesive promoter with a pencil. Now you can set up your details of dash kit. Get the wrap from your details. Hold your finger on the part so that it fits into the desired position.
  • The last step: you need to inspect and apply pressure to all the installed parts (especially their corners and any protruding parts). Make certain that everything is well held. Also, you need to remove any dirt from the parts. Enjoy your new accessories!