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The custom shift knobs can be a good solution to refresh your car interior. In addition to other accessories, you can achieve a unique look of your vehicle.

The Famous Shift Knobs

Brands For today, buying after market car parts for trucks and auto is extremely difficult, especially if you do not know which brand you should choose. Today you can find various manufacturers of auto parts, and they all boast of high-quality and affordable products. Here are some popular manufacturers of shift knobs: Dewhel, SPG, Outdoors, Uxcell, Pilot, Automotive Atpmtas, Skunk2, Racing, and Mishimoto.

The Types of the Shift Knobs

You can find various shift knobs on the expanses of the auto shops. There are two main types of the replacement knobs and the customized knobs. You can decide on your choice in advance, because you can see them on the Internet. Please note that they can be both long and short. Choose a model that is more suited to the general style of your car.

What Materials Can Shift Knobs Be Made From

Very often, aluminum is used to makeshift knobs and the other parts of the automobile. The knobs from such material are famous for the fact that they are not expensive in price and durable. However, they have their own drawbacks, since they are heated at a hot temperature. You can also find such material as Phenolic resin or phenol-formaldehyde resin. Actually, this material is used to create knobs with a bipolar ball and a retro look. They are also famous for their strength, but the price for them is very high. As for material such as the Delrin, it is used in the manufacture of knobs for racing cars. It has low friction, which contributes to a smooth shifting gear. The disadvantage is that it is not recommended for those who have sweaty hands to buy because such a knob is rather slippery.