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Bed Mats & Liners: Explanation, Main Functions

Truck bed mats are relatively interesting as they come in numerous sizes and designs. They provide cushioning to heavy goods, and prevent the goods from causing any significant permanent damage to the bed floor. They can either be made from high-tech rubber and polymers, or from pitch perfect aluminum.

Truck bed mats and liners are usually trimmable and can be custom-made for your vehicle. It is very important to ensure that they fit perfectly, and don’t pose damage to the goods or people in the bed.

5 Most Popular Manufacturers

Over the years, a few prominent manufacturers of truck bed mats and liners have risen to popularity, five of which are listed below.

  • Dee Zee has been our personal favorite for ten years, and we think it's obvious why. They have always manufactured the best car and small truck accessories, and will continue to be better and better.
  • TrailFX is another manufacturer that we can never hope to forget. They have a wide range of incredible sleek and stylish bed mats and liners, and will not leave the market anytime soon.
  • BedRug mats have also gained popularity over time, and it's mostly due to their precious range of mats.
  • Bed mats from Toyota are great for automotives, but they may be a bit pricey.
  • BDK creates some heavy-duty bed mats, and you should definitely give it a try.

The Most Used Materials for Bed Mats & Liners:

Materials for bed mats and liners are simple but durable. They are usually made from vulcanized rubber or from elastomers. They typically have deep channels that get rid of water, dirt, sand, and small pebbles out of your automobile. An aluminum variety also exists, but they can heat up and damage goods or prove discomforting for humans.