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Fiber Optical Tail Lights: Explanation, Main Functions

In modern automotive industry, fiber optical tail lights are becoming more and more popular. Not only that maker of luxury cars started to install these on their cars, but there is also a wide offer of aftermarket parts for mainstream models. For the best visual appeal, these tail lights could be a perfect choice. With such unique neon-like lighting scheme, even the most common cars could stand out. Besides cars, these aftermarket products are also hugely popular among truck owners. This especially refers to those U.S. full-size truck models such as F-150, Silverado, Ram 1500, etc.

Apart from indisputable styling improvement, there are few other benefits. These are actually much more transparent compared to classic tail lights, which is crucial in terms of safety. High durability is another great benefit.

5 Most Popular Manufacturers

Fiber optical tail lights makers are numerous, but those who offer the best balance between price and quality are usually on the top. Spyder Auto is one of the renowned makers. Additionally, this company covers both passenger cars and SUVs and trucks. Another hugely popular brand is Canadian company Lumens. This manufacturer also covers a wide range of vehicles. Both enhanced look- and visibility-oriented products are included.

Spec-D Tuning is another manufacturer that offers great-quality products, not only in terms of lighting but a complete custom fit area. IPCW and Anzo are also highly-reputable makers of these accessories, very popular especially younger drivers who find these brands best for the enhancement of their visual appearance.

Fiber Optical Tail Lights: Materials

One of the most interesting aspects of these taillights is materials. A hi-end look is provided with recognizable neon-like tubes. However, there is no such thing as neon tubes. Those are actually plastic or glass bands, while the light comes from a single LED bulb located at the end of the fiber.