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Nowadays, it has become very popular to supplement your car interior with different accessories. One such element may be the custom steering wheel.

The Famous Automotive Steering Wheel Manufacturers

For today, customized steering wheels are available for purchase in the auto shops, the internet stores, and the car dealerships. You can find a wider assortment of after market details on the Internet. There are such famous manufacturers of helms for trucks and cars as GT Performance, B&I, Sherwood, OxGord, and Pilot.

What Are the Steering Wheel Types

In the expanses of shops where helms are sold, you can face a variety of types. There are such types as the replacement, custom, classic and marine steering wheels. Therefore, it is significant to determine in advance what type is suitable for your car.

What Materials Are the Steering Wheels Usually Made of

Almost all manufacturers use steel to make a ring for the helm. Steel is used for bending in the event of an auto accident. It itself is made of the same type of vinyl and foam as the car dashboard. Depending on the design or brand of the car, the helm can be covered with wood or leather.