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Cloth Seat Covers: Explanation, Main Functions

Cloth seat covers ensure a well-tailored, comfortable feel while protecting the upholstery from deterioration. If you’d prefer not to have your seats hot in summer and cold in winter, then you should opt for such option. You may have children or pets traveling with you occasionally or may not, but the maintenance is important factor. If you go for such variant, you must ensure that your preferred model is water-resistance, durable and affordable.

Most Used Materials

Being a low-maintenance item with a wonderful, comfortable feel, cloth seat covers don’t require any particular care beyond vacuum-cleaning and possibly steam cleaning. Such covers don’t change the temperature depending on weather outside. Among the cheaper alternatives for re-upholstering, you cannot beat the durable, attractive and simple-to-mount cloth seat covers. You can pick the best upholstery variant from the wide market selection: neoprene, velour, tweed, cordura, polyester, polycotton, cotton, canvas, etc for your car, truck, and SUV. Likewise, cloth seat covers provide a soft touch experience, which is a pleasant bonus.

5 Most Popular Manufacturers of Cloth Seat Covers

  • CARID:

    Carid manufactures a number of cloth seat covers. At the same time, Carid offers replacement guarantee for vehicle.


    FHGroupauto offers top quality car seat covers, auto floor mats and other custom fit accessories at the best price.


    NorthwestSeatCovers has gained its popularity as the top brand of seat covers such as colored cloth seat covers by producing sophisticated products for vehicles.


    SeatcoversUnlimited has been producing a wide selection of such accessories over 25 years and can help find the fabric, pattern, and colors easily.


    The CalTrend provides a range of automotive seat covers. CalTrend provides cloth seat cover and other automotive accessories, They even give  information on numerous auto-related topics.