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Rear Deck Covers: Explanation, Main Functions

Much like front dash covers, the rear deck covers also perform the same functionality. The rear deck side of the car is the one of the most vulnerable due to their high exposure to sunlight and its UV rays. It can get dirty because of street dust and other factors. The rear deck mat is another essential accessory to have on your car as it also hides the blemishes and spots that might occur due to the harmful UV rays of the sun. It can also be the result of playing the speakers very loud as this sometimes causes cracks and damage to the vehicle’s rear end.

Types of Rear Deck Mats

Usually, rear deck covers are available in four categories: sun-covered, colored, printed and, molded. They are suitable for all automotive types, from cars to trucks, and from vans to SUVs. Thus, they can even be mistaken for the custom fit ones. The sun-covered kind of rear deck covers form most of the market as they are easily affordable and reliable. They are made especially to combat the harmful rays of the sun such as the UV rays that can hamper the rear deck. These mats are available in several colors and even patterns which help uplift the entire look of that portion of the car.

Material Used In Manufacturing

The rear deck mats are made from some of the best materials out there on the market, such as suede, velour, polyester or carpet. All of these are easily available and accessible. The suede and velour mats are some of the most premium accessories available for your car as they add a lot of beauty to the vehicle.

TOP Five Manufacturers of Rear Deck Covers

The carpet and polyester are more affordable options that may not provide the wealthiest and most aesthetic looks but are most efficient in providing all the functionality one can expect from a rear deck cover. Dashmat, Remin, Coverking, Dashtop, and Coverlay are some of the most popular manufacturers of rear deck covers.