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Dash Covers: Explanation, Main Functions

Car dashboards are an integral part of the interior build-up of a vehicle and contribute to most of the aesthetic design of the car or truck. Since they are at the front of the vehicle and need to be protected from all sorts of violations and dangers, dash covers for car become an essential element of the dashboard. Dash covers are basically a simple material made especially for the dashboards. They provide protection against drink spills and harmful UV rays from the Sun. They can also provide a new chic look to the vehicle overall making it look hip, modern and stylish altogether; while also protecting it from various hazards.

5 Most Popular Manufacturers

Out of the many manufacturers of dash covers, one most prominent name is DashMat. It has firmly grounded itself in this regard and has made its place in the industry. Coverking has also made its way into the limelight by providing the best quality of dash covers for their consumers since the past few decades. Evan-Fischer is another name which has firmly built its roots in the industry and has provided high-quality material for a long time. Acura should also not be forgotten when it comes to making efficient and durable dash covers for cars. And lastly, GMC Sierra has also proven itself to be a strong contender in this field of manufacturing.

The Most Popular Materials for Dash Covers

One of the most commonly used materials when making dash covers is molded plastic which is a sturdy material that provides the best kind of durability and efficiency. It usually has pre-cut spaces for vents and the music system to make it look like it was provided by the factory itself. Another material used is the foss fiber that makes a mat easy to put on, easy to maintain. They are extremely beautiful to look at as well.