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Front Dash Covers: Explanation, Main Functions

Every driver who loves and cares for his car would prefer the dashboard to be neat and clean. This effect can be achieved with the help of the front dash covers.Such automotive accessories serve to safeguard the vehicle’s dashboard from harmful UV rays as it is a well-known fact that the sun can hamper this surface. The dashmat also protects the dashboard from getting damaged by some small cuts. It can also effectively hide blemishes and other imperfections, that one might get on the vehicle’s dashboard.

Types of Front Dashboard Mats:

As you can see on the market for automotive accessories, there are different kinds of front dash covers. it is possible to find the most appropriate for any kind of a vehicles: cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, etc. Apart from these, include a sun covered, colored, printed and, molded types. The sun cover dash mats usually rest on the panel front and prevent the sun’s UV rays from harming the vehicle overall. Similarly, such items preserve the looks of the dashboard by keeping its color. These are either colored mats or printed ones with some patterns printed on them too. The molded type of mat is a special kind of cover which, according to its name, molds itself to the shape and size of the dashboard, making it look like a custom-fit.

Most Used Materials

Most dash covers use suede or velour as their material due to their superior functionality and premium quality. However, some other manufacturers prefer to use plastic or carpet, however, these are not of the top-most quality.

TOP Five Manufacturers of Dash Mats

DashMat and Coverking are one of the most reliable manufacturers when it comes to producing front dash covers of the highest quality and reasonable price. Other than that, Pelican Parts, Coverdesign, and Coverlay are also some of the best of front dash covers.