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Fender Flares: Explanation, Main Functions

Fender flares are some of the most popular accessories for trucks, SUV, and other off-road vehicles. Unlike most of the other parts of the car that actually have an impact on overall performances, these are mostly about aesthetic. This part frames the wheel well line and gives a more aggressive stance to your 4x4 c, making the ground clearance look even higher. Still, they are used by racing cars as well.

Fender Flares: Types

Although a simple accessory, there are actually several types of fender flares. Bolt on or pocket flares are hugely popular these days. Rivet and street flares have a similar design, but smaller. Not only you’ll get extender protection, but more rugged, all-terrain look too. Flat and tube flares are characteristics for models like Jeep Wrangler. These are not integrated with the vehicle's body, but more like a cycle wing. Cut-out fender flares will provide an upgraded stock look. Finally, wide flares are common among sports cars and their primary purpose is an aesthetical improvement.

Top 5 manufacturers

The automotive aftermarket is full of various manufacturers that offer both universal and custom fit fender flares. These flares are often part of some complete off road kit. Some of the most popular brands are Duraflex, Stampede, EGR, T5i, and Bushwacker. Brands like Bushwacker and Stampede are specialized for trucks. On the opposite side, Duraflex covers a complete sports car program.

Fender Flares: Materials

Fender flares could be made from various kinds of materials. Some of them are better for the off-road driving conditions, like rubber or steel. Chrome or aluminum could be a perfect choice if you want to get a better visual appeal. On the other side, street racers prefer lightweight materials. Their choice is usually carbon fiber, but also fiberglass. ABS plastic could be a good choice as well.