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Bumper Lips: Explanation, Main Functions

Bumper lips are very important because they can improve the vehicle’s aerodynamic characteristics. They occupy the anterior in the car body. As to the central functions, these items enhance the performance of the automobile by changing the manner in which the vehicle interacts with air.

Such automotive accessories are often confused with other detail located in that area - the splitters for cars. In fact, the synonym for bumper lips is “air dams”. A considerable dissimilarity between these bumper details is manifested in their shape and position. Still, the ultimate objective is the same. Air dams and splitters for cars form several different areas of pressure. Such details are necessary for racing autos because they add ground effects by generate extra downforce.  

Naturally, every auto enthusiast can install custom fit bumper lips and make their truck more efficient.

Most Used Materials:

Due to the role and position of this detail, it is very important that its composing materials can actually enhance the performance of the auto. The substances for bumper lips must be really stiff and not very heavy at the same time. Therefore, most manufacturers use carbon fiber, urethane, and fiberglass.

5 Most Popular Manufacturers for Bumper Lips

If we are talking about the air dams, the best choice is CarPartsDepot and CPP; these two brands are absolute customer favourites on Amazon. As to the bumper lips, some fairly popular manufacturers are EZ Lip and RYANSTAR. One more fine brand is ABS Dynamics, you can find pretty good details in their warehouses.