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Bumpers: Explanation, Main Functions

The car bumper is the detail created to give the vehicle extra protection in case it collides with other object during the movement. Bumpers are joint with the front and the rear of the car body. Sometimes, bumpers are confused with face bars, but like in the case of wheel and rim, they denote different things. A bumper is essential for every auto because this automotive part protects the other vital elements inside the truck.

There are some certain standards that these car accessories must meet, and one of them is the protection performance. Some manufacturers pinpoint this info on the stickers. Interestingly, no other detail in the car has federal standards. The bumpers are given that much attention because their quality can influence on the outcome of a road accident. 

Most Used Materials

Depending on the material from which the custom fit bumpers are made, they can be lightweight or more heavy. Usually, the ones that are composed of metal, stainless steel, or fiberglass are more bulky, whereas those made of plastic or chrome have smaller weight. Oftentimes, the materials in bumpers are composite, namely, a lot of manufacturers mix chrome and plastic to give them reinforced efficiency.

5 Most Popular Manufacturers for Bumpers

The choice of brand must be based on the material that they use and the degree of durability that the driver expects to receive with this purchase. Some of the most popular bumper makers are American Built, Addictive Desert Designs, LOD Bumpers, Rogue Racing, and Ranch Hand. These brands produce a solid-rock items for trucks.