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What are Tail Lights Bezels?

Tail light bezels are automotive accessories designed to hold a car's rear lamp assembly in place. The tail light bezel is the trim that hold a car's tail light component in position. The shape of tail light Bezels is defined by the shape of the tail light assembly which is built in accordance to a vehicle's architecture. This means the shape and type of a tail light bezel varies depending on whether it is designed for a truck, SUV, van, or jeep. Tail lights bezels are usually made custom fit for particular car models.

Types of Coating for Tail Light Bezels

Just like head light bezels, tail Lights bezels are made of aluminum or chrome which may lose their sheen over time. To maintain their appearance over a long period of time, aluminum and chrome headlight Bezels are usually coated. However, different types of Coating are designed to achieve specific results. Types of coating include colored and printed coating, polished, brushed and powder coated.

Used Materials

Because tail light bezels can get exposed to harsh elements, they are usually made of durable materials that can withstand duress. Materials used in the manufacturing of taillight bezels include aluminum, chromium, carbon fiber and stainless steel. Tail light bezels made of aluminum or chrome don’t crack easily, although they may lose their luster over time. The best Tail light bezels are an integration of these materials to provide resistance against corrosion or cracking.

Replacing your Car's Tail Light Bezels

Just like other automotive components, tail light Bezels may suffer depreciation and may at some point require replacement. When purchasing new tail light bezels, factors to consider include durability, warranty, fit, form and function.

Top 5 Manufacturers

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