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Custom Tail lights: Explanation, Main Functions

Speaking of modifications, custom tail lights are inevitable part of the custom fit automobile or truck. Although simple and relatively cheap, this is the essence of every car. Vehicle signalization usually includes turning signals, position, reverse lamp etc. The main function is to keep you and others safe in traffic.

When it comes to custom tail lights, people usually install them for a better visual appearance. Still, there is a variety of other benefits. Compared to conventional tail lights, these have numerous advantages. First of all, there is a safety aspect, which means that others will spot your vehicle much easier. Also, these accessories usually feature LED lighting, which eventually means better energy efficiency, as well as high durability.

5 Most Popular Manufacturers

The automotive market is full of taillight manufacturers. It is hard to tell which one is the best, hence we will focus on those that are highly popular. Affordable price always plays important role in choosing aftermarket part, especially when it comes to those non-mechanical things. Thus, it’s not surprising that one of the most popular makers comes from China. It is a company called Shanghai Koito Automotive Lamp. This company is a perfect example of how cheap doesn’t always mean bad. Moreover, its products feature a pretty decent quality; therefore, high popularity isn’t haphazard.

Another hugely popular manufacturer from China is Changzhou Xingyu Automotive Lighting Systems. Still, North American and European makers are popular as well, and there are companies like Oracle, SpyderAuto, or Auxbeam.

The Most Popular Materials for Tail Lights

Manufacturers usually focus on lower production costs. Custom tail lights are usually made of plastic. Of course, there are different types of bulbs. Naturally, halogen and LED are most common. Of every tail light includes few wires to connect to the car’s electric installation, but manufacturers usually keep all things pretty simple.