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The Necessity and Advantages of the Sun Shade for Car Such a device, as a sun shade for car, is designed to protect the driver's eyes from blinding rays. There are also a lot of online resources where you can buy sun visors for trucks. Before use, remove the double-sided protective film from both panels. The antiglare device is equipped with a special mount, for which it is particularly appreciated by drivers who need a small mirror located on the back of the main visor. Its design allows you to firmly install the product on the windshield, while the mirror will fully open, and the visor itself will not have a backlash. Lowering, changing between each other and lifting can be done with a slight movement of the hand, however, the folding mechanism is set to keep the visor in the desired position, even if it is necessary to move along the off-road where the SUV or auto will be perceptibly shaken. Main advantages of the best window shade are:

  • protection of the driver's eyes;
  • improves visibility in fog, rain and snow conditions.

Top Manufacturers to Choose From

  • Je Ni International Co., Ltd.
  • Xex Auto Inc.
  • Shenzhen Top Lead Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Shyu Fuu Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Tsuen Lin Industrial Co., Ltd

Materials Sun Shade Is Made From

This device consists of two identical sized plates and clamp, by means of which the visor is fixed in the vehicle. The plates have the shape of a rectangle with rounded corners. Both of them are transparent, but have a different shade: one panel is orange, and the other is smoky gray. They consist of durable organic glass. The clamp is made of transparent plastic.