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The driver feels the car by means of a steering wheel and treadles. The pedals for car can be regarded as an element of accessories. The cover pads on the pedals of the car perform at least two functions: a more aesthetic appearance and convenient contact of the driver with the pedals (non-slip).

The Famous Car Pedals Producers

Almost every motorist tries to somehow make the car interior unique. Here you can find some popular automotive pedals brands: Genuine, Goodmark Beck Arnley, Cardone, American Car Craft, Sparco, and Total Cost Involved Engineering. The Elements from

Which The Auto Pedals Are Produced

Today there is a huge variety of the elements from which pedals are made. For example, there are pedals from non-metallic elements that are synthetic. These are synthetic elements that are jumbled with various proportions of floccus metals. Fully metal materials are used in the sports cars and they are considered durable. In the production of pedals, ceramic elements (clay, phosphorus) can be used, too.

How to Change the Pedals in the Car

When the car is used for a long time, the rubber pedals lose their appearance. In addition, the stock pedals get covered with snow and dirt, resulting in the legs beginning to slip off the treadles. There is an inexpensive and effective solution - the installation of superior pads on the pedals. The first step - we have to buy pads on the pedals - they can be various colors and styles. We consider the fastening of our pads. After that, loosen the four pedal mounts using a screwdriver on the front side and apply it to the pedal. After that we just tighten these fasteners. That's the whole process. Next, install the rest of the overlays in the same way and enjoy the result.