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Car Winches: Explanation, Main Functions

Winches for cars are the devices which are used to lift or haul a vehicle. Experienced drivers consider winches as very common automotive accessories, especially for a big truck or SUV. This is a very old-school technology as it has been used as early as in ancient Greece. Its ultimate function has always been to lift heavy objects, and over the centuries, it hasn’t changed much. Right now, a driver mounts this rope to the car and pulls it if a vehicle gets broken or stuck in a mud.   

Most Used Materials

Given that this item performs a very hard job, it must be extremely durable. Correspondingly, the materials used in manufacturing of these car parts must be strong. The most popular ones for rope, which is a core of the entire mechanism, is steel, polycarbonate, or similar durable synthetic material. 

Winches for cars: Types

You can choose among electric and hand winches. This is a portable item that doesn’t take too much space. Therefore, it will be a good addition to any auto. The mounts for winch can be atv or utv, and most brands offer custom fit ones. Also, some of the best winches are hydraulic.

Main Components and Extra Accessories

Regardless of the type of winches for cars, all of them are usually constructed in a very similar way. Typically, the basic components that make up the winch are the following:

  • a cable wire - cable made of steel or some durable synthetic material that should be wrapped around the drum;
  • a drum -  detail, around which driver straps the wire;
  • a motor -  powers up the drum and enables it to rotate and thus pull the cable and wrap the latter around itself;
  • gear train - converts the motor energy into the pulling power.

Among the other accessories that are often used along with the winch, there are tree protectors, straps, ropes, etc. You can always check out Amazon and see what is currently on offer.

Top 5 Companies-Producers

The top companies-producers of winches offer full recovery kits with all the necessary accessories. Among the companies that have a high-quality selection of winches, there are: 

Mile Marker, Go Rhino, Grainger, Ancra, and Dayton.