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Trailer Hitches: Explanation, Main Functions

A towing automotive part located at the rear of the vehicle and called a hitch is used as a joining segment of the car and hindcarriage. Trailer hitches are parts that can become an integral part of your truck, especially if you use the vehicle to move many things around on a daily basis. In other words, its major function is transportation. The hitches vary from class I to IV, and you can select the most suitable custom fit accessories to tow your trailer.

Types of Hitches

You should remember wto configurations that are common for hitches. The first one is a “receiver” type. This kind includes the part that you should mount to the frame of the truck with a rearward-facing opening. Thus, such mechanism enables the hitch to be literally receiving the ball mounts.

Next common type is called a fixed drawbar. This setup doesn’t presume having much parts, and such pieces are typically assembled in one item. These mechanisms include the inbuilt hole, in which driver should put the trailer ball.

Large SUV that can make the best use of the hitches has several towing options.

These parts can be:

  • welded straight on the vehicle frame through the side plates;
  • bolt-on, which you will have to literally “bolt” on your car;
  • hidden, which fairly invisible and best suited to the light-duty use;
  • concealed, with the receiver being a sole visible part, and
  • exposed with the likewise appearance.  

Trailer Hitches: Most Popular Manufacturers

The market has several trustworthy companies selling really good products. Our personal favourites are the following:

  • Andersen Hitches;
  • B&W  TrailerHitches;
  • DrawTite;
  • Gen-Y Hitch;
  • CURT Manufacturing.