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Rear Bumpers: Explanation, Main Functions

The rear bumpers perform exactly the same function as their twins at the front. The drivers install such car parts on their vehicles’ back side to ensure protection of the automobile bodies from serious damage in case of a road accident. The types of rear bumpers are basically similar to those of the front ones. Every car enthusiast chooses a bumper to match the style of his car. Such replacement automotive accessories as rear bumpers naturally are custom fit. Judging from the purpose for which the owner uses the truck or SUV, these can be made of many materials. 

Most Used Materials  

The right rear bumper can reassure that the car will be safeguarded, as well as help the driver to get much better overall performance on the road. Namely, if you use your auto for racing, it would benefit from the lightweight accessories. The abundance of the materials for bumpers is wide. In most cases, they are composite and made of a mixture of abs plastic, urethane, or carbon fiber with something harder, for example, steel, aluminium, or chrome. Fiberglass reinforced plastic (frp) is also a popular material.

Top 5 Manufacturers for Rear Bumpers

Some well-known back bumper manufacturers make really good automotive accessories to safeguard any auto. In fact, these are the exact same ones as the companies making front bumpers. The best offers in the market are made by RanchHand, FabFours, Tough Country, as well as Iron Bull Bumpers and Hummerhead Bumpers for heavy duty vehicles.