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Off-Road Lights: Explanation, Main Functions

Off road lights are the sources of extra brightness for a truck or SUV. In fact, the owners of larger 4x4 vehicles usually have the off-road lights placed on their cars. Such automotive accessories will be very helpful if you are planning to drive through the territory without a proper lighting and/or well-paved way. You can choose your very own custom fit variant.

Common Types

The auxiliary lights have different patterns, each has separate function.

  • Spot beams are exactly what they sound like; such lights are perfect for dark nights.
  • Driving lights possess rectangular ornament; they function as support to the front headlights.
  • Fog lights disperse low light; they brighten the area closer to the land.
  • Flood beam lights with vertical/horizontal ornament are the backup lights; they help to arrange better visibility for shorter distance.
  • Corner lights are very much underestimated because it helps the driver in cornering.

In addition, many truck or SUV owners install light bars on the roofs of vehicles.

The catalog of accessories for auxiliary lights is extensive: brackets, wiring, harnesses, connectors, switches, grilles, covers, bulbs, mounts, etc. The full kit includes many different options.

The Most Common Technologies for Off-Road Lights

Tungsten Vacuum lighting is a traditional automotive off road illumination. It is not particularly long-lasting or bright, that it why it becomes less common now.

Halogen Lighting is somewhat better that the previous one in a few indicators. Such bulbs are still widely purchased.

High Pressure Sodium (HPS) technology is very efficient (work for almost 10000 hours), but they are not very good for the human eye. They have a very strong somewhat purplish or bluish tone. Also, they need to warm up before working their best.

Xenon or High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights have many similarities with HPS, but unlike the latter ones, HID are not that efficient. Many people prefer xenon lights to any other lamps due to a belief that they are more powerful; yet, this misconception is not quite true.

LED technology is probably the best compared to the other kinds. It is powerful, long lasting (50.000 hours), energy-saving, and merciful to human sight.

Five Popular Manufacturers

In an arbitrary manner:

  • KC Hilites
  • Yitamotor
  • Auxbeam
  • SLDX
  • Northpole