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Front Bumpers: Explanation, Main Functions

Front bumpers are the parts attached to the vehicle, the main function of which is to ensure a better protection to the inner details of the truck or car. They are shaped as large metal shields in the form of the truck front. These are very important car accessories because they not only make the car look more appealing but also protect the suv from the damage in case of collision. This item often needs replacement, and sometimes it is very difficult to find really good custom fit models. However, with a knowledge of all the peculiarities of your car, you’ll be able to choose the best.  

Types of Front Bumpers and Accessories

The front bumpers are manufactured in different categories. Depending upon the truck that you drive, there can be found standard, roll pan, step, tube, and deep drop chrome plated bumpers. Each bumper type has uniquely shaped face bars and different covers. This car detail can also have a number of related accessories,such as filler panels, air shields, and pads.   

Most Used Materials

Some of the most frequently used materials are plastic and chrome, yet it is important to note that the contemporary front bumpers are often made of several different materials. Steel and aluminium are more used for the bumper base, whereas the plastic is common for the outside covers to give the truck a finished look.

Top 5 Manufacturers

When it comes to bumpers, the most popular producers don’t change. The brands that produce a quality automotive accessories for the car protection of this kind are:

  • Ranch Hand that offers a variety of bumper types;
  • Tough Country Bumpers sells some stylish and durable bumpers and accessories
  • Iron Bull Bumpers is the best choice for heavy duty trucks
  • Hummerhead Bumpers company is another popular choice among the trucks and suvs drivers
  • Fab Fours is positioned as a premium brand; their products must be good too.