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Reserved for hi-end luxury autos in the past, mesh grilles could be on pretty much every car today. In terms of functionality, this grille is like every other. On the other side, it provides cold air in a far more stylish way. These accessories are the top choice among truck and SUV drivers but could be a great addition to your passenger car as well. A proper custom fit would give an instant boost in terms of attractiveness to any vehicle.

The Types Of Mesh Grilles

We may classify these grilles in a plenty of ways. Depending on finish, there are various kinds. As its name says, colored grilles follow vehicle’s color, but could be painted in some other color as well. On the other side, chrome is present in the automotive industry for almost a century. After brushed or polished, an item gets a chrome coating that gives that signature premium appeal. Powder coated details has been treated by a specific chemical process that provides a far better resistance to dirt or distortions. It is usually the first choice of drivers who prefer off-road drive.

Speaking of the pattern, types are numerous. A wire mesh grille is quite popular. Also known as weave one, such accessory also comes with dual, or even triple wired pattern. Other popular patterns are diamond, hexagon, woven, square etc.

Popular Materials

Stock grilles are usually made of materials such as aluminum, yet ABS plastic is also frequent. Fiberglass could be a nice solution if you’re looking for some cheaper aftermarket alternative. Still, if you want some more durable grille, go for composite materials like carbon fiber. This material will give you a perfect balance between strength and lightweight. Also, its unique visual appearance would be a great boost to your car’s visual appeal. Finally, there’s a stainless steel. I might be too heavy for some, but it’s the best choice for trucks and other off-road vehicles.

Top 5 Producers Of Mesh Grilles

We won’t say which band is the best, but here are some highly purchased brands. E&G Classics and Westin are surely top-tier brands. In the meantime, there are some cheaper alternatives like Grillcraft, Race Mesh or RBP.