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Additional lighting groups are a pretty usual thing for off-road vehicles, but LED grilles could look great on a common passenger car as well. When customizing SUV or truck, a more rugged grille is a must. Also, more light is always welcome. Things are becoming even better if you decide for these accessories because they feature both of these essentials. Count on a double benefit as well. Besides improved styling, your drive will be safer thanks to more lighting. Today’s automotive aftermarket is full of these units, and it shouldn’t be very hard to find your vehicle’s custom fit LED grille. Just like other kinds, these could also be either simple overlay or more complicated insert grilles. Of course, there are replacement grilles in the offer as well.

Types of LED Grilles

You may classify these accessories on many criteria. Of course, there are numerous patterns. There are different materials as well. Still, the main thing is about LED lights. LED light bars, cubes, pods, round lights – you can find various shapes on the market. For a better off-road driving experience, go for some more intense lighting group. A single bar or even double bar would be a perfect choice for an excellent illumination. A grille with LED daytime running lights became hugely popular in last few years. Finally, there are grilles that besides LED DRL also feature turn signals.


Materials of these accessories aren’t much different compared to other grilles. Besides LED lights, there are various kinds of patterns that are usually made of materials like plastic, aluminum, or even stainless steel. Choosing a perfect fit for your vehicle will be much easier since there are plenty of finishes in the offer. Most of the grilles come brushed and then colored in the desired color. Also, you can choose some polished and then powder coated as well. This is a perfect choice for off-road driving. Chrome finish is also widely popular.

Top 5 Manufacturers of LED Grilles

Speaking of popular brands, there are many manufacturers that offer amazing LED Grilles. Highly-renowned brands like T-Rex or E&G Classics are usually the first choice. Still, there are also brands like Oracle Lighting, Paramount, or top-tier Royalty Core.