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If you want to improve your car’s visual appearance in just a couple of minutes, this would be a perfect choice for you. These are not replacement or insert grilles. There is no such thing as complicated installation. Grill skins for car are very simple to use, and that is why they became instantly popular. As a type of overlay grille, it comes in various kinds of designs, with a different pattern, made of all kinds of materials etc. Today’s car aftermarket is full of these accessories, and it shouldn’t be a problem to find a proper custom fit product for any specific vehicle, including SUV and truck models.

Grill Skins: Types and Materials

In just a few minutes, you can make your vehicle far more attractive with these grill skins. Things are becoming even better when you see that there are various kinds of finishes on the offer. Of course, many will go for painted skins, to follow the color of the vehicle. On the other side, there is an always-popular chrome layer that comes on brushed surface. Another great choice for the shiny grille would be a polished stainless steel. On the other side, powder coated skins are perfect for the off-road drive.

Speaking of materials, they are numerous. Just like every grille, this skin could be made of aluminum or ABS plastic. Fiberglass is another popular material, mainly because of its affordable price. If you want to invest more money, carbon fiber would be an excellent choice. Another more expensive choice would be stainless steel, which besides fantastic durability also provides a quite shiny look.

 Top 5 Manufacturers Of Grill Skins

It is always hard to choose best makers, and we’ll stick to those popular and highly reputable brands. One of them is a company called Black Mountain, which offers numerous custom fit grill skins. Seibon is a company that offers a great balance between price and quality. Finally, there are some cheaper alternatives like Spec-D, American Car Craft, and Bully.