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CNC grilles for cars are becoming one of the most demanding accessories on the car aftermarket. Computers have raised our life quality to the completely new level. This includes the automotive industry as well. Thanks to the perfect calculations, we can now count on such amazing amount of horsepower, while keeping a decent fuel economy. On the other side, there are numerous advanced safety systems. Surprisingly, even the aesthetics of the vehicle are improved, thanks to CNC machines. It seems like customization has no limits anymore.

CNC Grilles – Designs

Thanks to the super-accurate computer technology, we can now design pretty much every pattern that we want. Making attractive designs is now pretty easy. On the market, you can already find all kinds of hole, round, oval, diamond patterns. Moreover, there are far more designed grilles with flames, tribal, spider web, stars, slash etc. If you are a more classic person, go for things like stripes, vertical and horizontal bars, slots and similar things. Finally, there are some pretty fancy textures like safari, shark tooth, even some specific logos, and symbols.

All these fancy designs usually come in familiar finishes. Painted grilles are probably the most common. They can be colored in either the same finish as your car, SUV or truck, or come in various kinds of nuances. In the opposite, grilles that are brushed or polished, and then powder coated or coated with chrome are among the favorites of many automotive enthusiasts.

Most Used Materials

Just like other grilles, these can be also made of different materials. Of course, ABS plastic and aluminum are widely popular, but more expensive materials like carbon fiber or stainless steel are also frequent. We won’t say which material is the best since each has advantages and disadvantages.

Top Five Manufacturers

One of the manufacturers that offer a great value for the money is E&G Classics. Its palette of CNC Grilles is pretty wide and includes not just overlay and replacement, but insert grilles as well. Another company that offers all kinds of well-made custom fit grilles is T-Rex. Finally, there are brands like American Car Craft, Air Design, Putco, etc.