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 Although a billet grille is present for decades, it is still one of the most purchased accessories on the car aftermarket. These parts have the same practical function as every OE grille. Despite its simple design, it is a very important part of every vehicle. It’s some kind of a display that allows cold air to go inside and cool your engine. The practical function may remain the same, but there’s a great benefit when it comes to a better visual appeal. These parts are used not only in passenger cars but for SUV and truck vehicles as well.

 Types of Billet Grilles

 There are three kinds of them –overlay, replacement and insert. First ones are easiest to install. You just need to install it over a stock one. No tools required. Installing replacement grilles means a little bit more effort since you’ll have to remove the OE grille and replace it with this part. Finally, insert grilles are most difficult to install. You need to remove OEM grille, cut out its central part and to put a new pattern. It sounds more complicated than actually is. These types are actually hugely popular in the world of automotive enthusiasts.


 While OEM grilles are usually made of ABS plastic, billet grilles could be made from various materials. In the past, aluminum was the most common materials. Nowadays, common materials are composite materials like carbon fiber and fiberglass, as well as a steel alloy. Finally, chrome is famous for its amazing visual appeal. It is hard to tell which material is the best since each has pros and cons. When choosing these custom-fit parts, you would usually go for completely covered ones – colored and powder coated, to keep you from dirt. Still, many enthusiasts prefer their own customization, and there are brushed items, ready to be painted.

Top 5 Manufacturers of Billet Grilles

 Manufacturers of these accessories are numerous. Some of the best-known brands that offer the details that are made of various materials, polished or completely painted, are E&G Classics, T-Rex and Dresden. Cheaper alternatives would be brands like Paramount, Carriage Works, etc.