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Push Bars: Explanation, Main Functions

Push bars are an essential accessory that is most sought after due to their durability and the strength they provide to the car. They add valuable protection against any potential damage at the front end of the car. The push bar mainly protect the center grille area as well and are known as center grille guards. They align the bumper of the other vehicle in front of yours to provide a gentle push without causing any huge damage. They are gently curved to spread the pressure evenly throughout. Apart from that, they boost your truck’s or 4x4 SUV’s look significantly as well making it look much more intimidating.

What Materials They Are Made Of, the Variants for Coverage

They are generally made up of chrome, iron or wrought iron, or stainless steel. Some are made to be highly corrosion-resistant and can withstand a lot of the hard materials which several factors might affect your accessory. Some winch mounts are made to be colored, printed, polished, or powder coated which add to the beauty of the PIT bars along with the beauty of the vehicle which you’ll be using. If you’re looking for the automotive accessories to match this item, check out wing wraps.

Five Most Popular Manufacturers

Some of the most popular manufacturers of push bars are:

  • Westin
  • APS
  • TAC
  • Camco
  • VioGi

Westin is a popular name among consumers which look for the best price and the best kind of amenities. APS and TAC are premium producers which provide nothing less than the best for their customers as well.