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Explanation, Main Functions

Bull bars are innovative and useful items for car, truck, 4x4 SUV, and vans. Also called push bumpers, they are specially installed on automobiles to prevent any corruption due to accidental hitting with a heavy animal due to higher velocity. They normally protect vehicle’s front and give extra support to bumper. They are also used as an armour with lights  which have been put up into the vehicle such as tail lights, head lights, and many more.

The Types of Bull Bars

The drivers often want to buy custom-fit automotive accessories. The market has several kinds of those to offer, some of the kinds which are available to be bought are: front grille, center grille, bars with skid plates, as well as rear guards. The front ones are often center-upright; they protect bumper and headlights. Such car parts usually curve around the vehicle’s front. The center grille is almost identical except they do not curve around it. This item can presume pre drilled or no-drill installation. The removable skid plates are often used to provide more safety to the vehicle; they are made from tough metallic materials which are sturdy enough to be used. Another accessory that often purchased along is winch tray for better winch mounting.

What Materials They Are Made Of, the Variants for Coverage

They are available in several designs and materials such as chrome, stainless steel, wrought iron, colored, printed, and corrosion-resistant. Polished and powder coated chrome bars provide the best kind of look and they are the most premium of the lot.

Five Most Popular Manufacturers

Some of the most popular producers of bull bars include:

  • ARB
  • Ironman
  • Off Road Central
  • Westin
  • Errols

Out of the ones mentioned above, the ARB provides the most amenities and is definitely the most affordable.