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Rubber Mats: Explanation, Main Functions:

Rubber car mats are essential accessories for the automotive. They provide several amenities and facilities to the user. Similarly, such items are best-suited to be used with trucks and cars as well. Custom fit mats provide a necessary grip and grit required for driving the car and being seated in the car properly.

On a rainy or snowy day, you can slip easily, so the rubber mats provide a facility of being anti-slip and they also produce necessary friction required for it.

5 Most Popular Manufacturers:

  • Most rubber mats are made to be cheap and durable at all times in all seasons. WeatherTech is widely known for its excellent manufacturing of rubber mats, not only do they use high-quality rubber which is natural and eco-friendly, they are also made affordable.
  • The OxGord are also efficient in producing some of the best kind of rubber mats making them one of the top players on the market.
  • ArmorAll has been one of the most durable and flexible producers of rubber mats for over a decade now.
  • For better aesthetic looks and an eco-friendly alternative, BDK is the best rubber mats for cars to opt for.
  • MotorTrend, although, is a new name in the industry, has already started producing innovative rubber mats for cars.

The Most Used Materials for Rubber Mats:

There are two types of rubber mats for vehicles namely synthetic rubber mats and natural rubber mats. The synthetic rubber is usually manufactured in a factory. There are several variations to synthetic rubber such as EPDM, Nitrile, Neoprene, or Viton and they are comprised of several different materials such as nitrile or plastene. Natural rubber is extracted from trees and in raw form, the rubber is extracted from the sap which is excreted from the trees. Natural rubber is more affordable than synthetic rubber and is definitely more ecologically sound as well. However, the natural rubber products aren’t durable accessories.