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Carpet Mats: Explanation, Main Functions

While vinyl and rubber car mats have taken the spotlight. What is more, the mats made of aluminum are becoming more popular among the car owners. It’s no doubt that carpet floor mats for cars have yet to go out of fashion. Sure, they can be pesky and annoyingly hard to clean.

But we understand that almost nothing can compare with the glamorous red fur designs and handcrafted jute. Carpet mats give your car the required traditional look and will never look as chic as all-season car mats. They can be found in hundreds of designs and thousands of colors.

5 Most Popular Manufacturers

There are tons of manufacturers that make carpet mats for cars, and all of them will overwhelm you. Below, we have managed to handpick the best carpet mat manufacturers for your vehicle. Take a look.

  • Lloyd is perhaps the most professional yet pricey carpet mat manufacturer. They have all types of mats, from those that are vehicle specific to the ones that are custom fit, and will surely be the thing you choose this year. Sadly, they don’t make mats for trucks, however, their products for cars are enough to beguile us.
  • Designer Mats products are exactly what they sound like. They have the most sophisticated and elegant designs, and will leave your automotive looking as graceful as possible.
  • Hurst Shifters seem to be more focused on quality than design, and it's certainly not a drawback. They feature amazing professional designs and minimalistic accessories.
  • Defender Worx makes it to our list due to its wide and highly vast range of carpet mats for cars, trucks, and auto cabs.
  • Superlamb is another manufacturer of extremely soft and woolly car mats.

The Most Used Material for Carpet Mats:

Car carpet mats are usually made of a variety of substances, including wool, animal fur, synthetic fur, synthetic fibers, and sometimes nylon. It is best to buy synthetics as they are often more durable and chemically strong.