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Projector Headlights: Explanation, Main Functions

People consider projector headlights as something new in the auto industry, but this invention is actually present for a very long time. The first lamp of this type was designed way back in 1911, while the first car application was in Audi Quartz, a concept car from 1981. The first production car to get these headlights was in 1987, in BMW 7 Series. Since then, these lights are can be found mostly in premium cars, but aftermarket parts for mainstream cars are also numerous.

This technology is still more expensive compared to conventional reflectors but also far better. The difference is easily notable since the beam is focused much more on the road, and significantly less on the surrounding objects. After all, check some of numerous “projector vs standard headlights” debates that can be found on the internet

Top 5 Manufacturers

Projector headlights are becoming extremely popular car accessories, and it’s not unusual that the number of companies that offer hi-quality products is getting bigger every day. There are many brands that we can relate to hi-quality projector kits, and here are some of the most popular.

One of the famous companies-producers of such car part is called Morimoto. They offer both LED and xenon projector headlights. Their program includes truck kits as well. Acme is a well-known name the automotive industry, which offers numerous car accessories, as well as wide vehicle illuminating program. Other highly popular makers that offer plenty of universal and custom fit products are Spyder, Auxbeam, XtremeVision and many others.

Projector Headlights: Materials

These headlights have a pretty interesting design. Unlike conventional reflector lights, these are characterized by a projector lens, which is an integral part. Also, there are specially designed bulbs. These bulbs are a little bit different, but the good thing that they come in a variety of types – halogen, xenon and LED. It is hard to tell what brand produces the best car parts. All of them have pros and cons, in aspects like price, reliability and durability, illumination quality etc.