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Wind Deflectors: Explanation, Main Functions

Rain guards, which is the other name for wind deflectors, are one of the truly useful automotive accessories available for all kinds of automobile. A rain visor is basically mounted on the doors’ top to provide standard protection against different kinds of precipitation during rainy and monsoon season. As an added benefit, the discussed items provide protection against precipitation on the interior of the vehicle and against wind noise.

Types of Wind Deflectors

Aerovisors are usually attached to the side of the car; they have a function of an extra armour. Based on how they are put up and what material they are made of, they are generally divided in three main categories: in-channel, stick-on, and tape-on. The in-channel is generally the most popular kind of rain visor. Such models are usually fitted on the top window channel via a special technique that employs tension to keep it in place. The stick-on or tape-on is basically a type that usually fits on top window channel of the car or truck via a strong 3M adhesive.

Usually, the latter are made from a strong industrial grade plastic or carbon fiber which ensures its sturdy nature and high flexibility and reliability. Some custom-fit low profile deflectors may be painted, colored, matte, polished, and tinted in order to provide a sort of shade for the passengers or driver, therein, serving an extra purpose for the cars like SUVs.

Five Most Popular Manufacturers

The most popular and best producer of this car part is WeatherTech which delivers the premium quality window visors to suit all your needs. Alxiang and Mifeier are also two of the most premium manufacturers of these products on the market. Nautili and Ventshade provide more affordable prices in somewhat lower range.