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Sunroof Deflectors: Explanation, Main Functions

A sunroof deflector is a neat little device which is used to prevent excessive wind airflow from entering the car through an open sunroof. These nifty additions are vehicle-specific, and prevent unwanted noise, wind, rain, dust, smoke, and even sand from entering the car through the sun or moonroof.

While they really are simple accessories for the regular driver, they can be quite the luxury for most users. Even those who drive trucks and SUVs can benefit drastically from a deflector. It’s all in how you use it.

Popular Materials

The material differs from product to product, from brand to brand. Most sunroof deflectors are black or steel in color, and feature a lightweight and highly aerodynamic structure that will gently guide the air away from the interior.

Most sunroof deflectors or visors are made of acrylic, and are easily removable.

Five Most Popular Manufacturers of Sunroof Deflectors

For your own convenience, we scavenged the internet to find the best sellers of sunroof deflectors. Have a look:

  • Tuning Pros is one of the best sellers out there. They have a wide and extensive line of custom-fit or ready-made sunroof deflectors that will work just perfect for any automotive vehicle.
  • Auto Ventshade provides tons of choices, and the best part is that their deflectors require no drilling.
  • Topline has beguiled us too with its overwhelming quality.
  • Violet Lisa is another brand that we oh-so admire for their exceptional products, especially their deflectors that prevent turbulence.
  • And last but not least, genuine Honda deflectors are one of our favorites.