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Bug Deflectors: Explanation, Main Functions

Bug deflectors are one of the most important and most useful kind of accessories which are used with vehicles such as cars, trucks, SUVs; mainly to protect the automobile against all kinds of pests and bugs on your wind shield. The bug deflectors work in an innovative and unique way; whereby their primary goal is to direct oncoming bugs and pests directly to the roof of the vehicle rather than on the hood, fender, or to the windshield. Additionally, they act as guards and protectors against small drops of mud.

Types of Bug Deflectors

Bug deflectors are usually built to be custom-fit for different kind of vehicles. They are available in different types, however. Such as tape-on, bolt-on, standard-profile and, low-profile. The best kind of such accessories is bolt-on deflectors which are efficiently bolted to the front grill or hood of the vehicle in order to keep a firm grip and increased firmness. The tape-on are the cheaper alternatives when it comes to bug deflectors as they use an adhesive to get stuck on the hood or front grill. Standard profile deflectors are usually angled or are positioned a bit farther from the hood in order to provide maximum protection. Low profile deflectors are the ones that use adhesive and must be placed at the very front of the vehicle, however, they do hinder vision.

Most Used Materials

These deflectors are available in printed, tinted or colored form and are available at all auto shops and online at several stores. They are usually built from carbon-fiber or acryl, however, others are made from iron or steel as well.

Five Most Popular Manufacturers

Five most popular and best producers are:

  • Nautili
  • Ventshade
  • WeatherTech
  • Wade
  • Rugged Ridge

Out of these, we would definitely recommend the Rugged Ride as it is highly affordable with a better satisfaction rating than most of the deflectors.