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What is a Tire Cover?

A tire coves are automotive accessories designed to protect tires from harmful elements such as the sun's ultraviolet rays by providing a cover for spare tires usually positioned at the external part of a car. Exposure to lots of ultraviolet rays can be really damaging even to the best of tires by weakening the rubber on the tire. Tire covers are a common accessory amongst 4x4 car owners since SUV vehicles, trucks, vans and jeeps usually have a spare tire mounted at the external part of the car. Tire covers are designed to perform this function whether the car is on the road or at home. Most tire covers protect spare tires albeit there are other tire covers designed to protect a car's functional tires when the car is stationary, especially when it is parked outdoors for a long period of time.

Types of Tire Covers

Tire covers are mostly made from soft vinyl or hard shells. Materials used in the manufacturing of tire covers include vinyl, steel, fabric, rubber, stainless steel and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, ABS - a hard, rigid lightweight plastic.

Tire Covers Can be Made at Home

Although varying designs of tire covers are sold by a number of manufacturers under different brand names, tire covers can also be made at home. Tire covers can also be custom fit or personalized with printed inscriptions, logos, silk screened or monogrammed designs as well as other colored designs.

Popular Manufacturers

According to Amazon best seller ranking 2018, the top five manufacturers of tire covers include:

1. TCP Global: TCP Global Set of 4 Oxford Waterproof Canvas Wheel

2. Classic Accessories: Classic Accessories 75347 Overdrive Universal Fit Spare Tire Cover

3. Amfor: Amfor Set of 4 Tire Covers,Waterproof Aluminum Film Tire Sun Protectors

4. Leader Accessories: Leader Accessories 26"-28" Spare Tire Cover For Jeep, Trailer, RV, SUV, Truck Wheel Fits Entire Wheel 26"-28",

5. Fasmov: Fasmov Wheel Tire Cover Liberty Spare Tire Cover,Black (27 inches-30 inches)