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Trunk Lids: Explanation, Main Functions

This is an integral part of every car. Today’s automotive industry offers a variety of replacement trunk lids. Basically, this part is nothing more than a door that is used as a cover of the car’s cargo area. The whole mechanism is very simple. There few additional parts like counterbalancing torsion or other spring systems that helps to elevate the lid and holds it opened. Of course, there are few hinges as well. Finally, this part of the car usually comes with few accessories, such as center positioned third brake light, decorative spoiler etc. These days, you can find numerous universal or custom fit trunk lids, for a pretty affordable price.

Top 5 Manufacturers

Modern aftermarket is full of quality trunk lids makers. It is hard to say which are the best, but here are some of the popular brands. One of them is AIT Racing. This company offers various kinds of body parts, including trunk lids. Choice of materials is pretty wide. Also, consider Anderson Composites. This manufacturer has been specialized for body panels made of either fiberglass or carbon fiber. Seibon and VIS Racing are also highly reputable manufacturers, as well as ARK Performance.

Trunk Lids: Materials

Modern manufacturers offer products of various kinds of materials. Just like for the other auto body panels, they use materials like fiberglass, ABS plastic, carbon fiber, steel etc. It is hard to tell which material is the best. Some are cheap, while some are expensive. Some are flexible, some are not. There are many aspects to consider pros and cons of each material. Still, there is another aspect that you should mind before choosing a perfect fit. If you want to save some extra money, you could go for raw trunk lids and do the paint job by yourself, instead of buying primered. Except for the finish, everything else is pretty much the same. The saving will be significant.