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The Famous Producers of Car Spoilers

You may find a huge range of custom car spoilers from various producers. We bring to your attention popular companies that offer truly extraordinary designs: Pure, Remin and D2S. Actually, in these brands, there will be models for any budget.

The Main Purpose of Car Spoilers

The original rear spoiler appeared in sports auto to improve aerodynamics and make the rear wheels harden against the ground to increase traction and better stay on it.

From What Material They Are Made

For today, there are several elements from which it can be made. Most often found cars spoilers of the products such as plastic, ABS plastic, aluminum, fiberglass, and polyurethane. All these elements have different technical and chemical characteristics, different service life and different appearance.

What Are the Types of Spoilers

The type of fastening is determined by the shape of the spoiler, its size, as well as the shape in the place of the body to which it is affixed. Let’s consider the setting methods. The first option is on a double-sided scotch tape. Such option is possible if the spoiler isn’t large, but some people use a sealant or glue for the glass. He can withstand a medium-sized spoiler. The second option is traditional - fastening on the bolts, but many people prefer not to choose it. For fastening with the bolts, it is necessary to drill a part of the auto. The third option is fastening it with brackets.